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Our Vision is to transcend the banal and mirror the many conditions of the human experience. Our company’s theatrical style reflects an interdisciplinary approach to the making of theater while still allowing each of our shows to define itself spontaneously within the language of its presentation. We seek to articulate a keen visual, aesthetic by using light, color, shadow, texture, projection, and original art. Moreover, we pursue the elements of dance, rhythm, music, and action to elevate our stories from the stage and into the realm of imagination.


Our Mission is to reinvent the collective perception of the world through an equal acceptance of the ordinary and the extraordinary and by the fusion of the lyrical and poetic along with a realistic examination of the world at large and the further scrutiny of human character.


Our Purpose is to expand the diversity of live theatre in Colorado and enrich the cultural life of the Front Range by producing groundbreaking work in an intimate, accessible setting. In doing so we strive to:

  • Provide an arena where theatre patrons may engage in lively, discussions with the actors and directors regarding our work. Our hope is to use live theatre as a vehicle for deepening people’s connection to community. In an age where technology continues to disconnect us, we believe that Theatre is an increasingly important art form since it requires active, audience participation.

  • “A thing of Beauty is a joy forever: Its loveliness increases; it will never Pass into nothingness.” JOHN KEATS, Endymion.  We are aware that we live in a time which has grown increasingly dark and cynical. We wish that in our commitment to emphasizing a strong visual aesthetic that we may give our audiences an experience of beauty and hope.

  • Offering our community the opportunity to experience the work of the many current, brilliant, and acclaimed playwrights who have been making their debuts in many of the major cities around the world such as London, New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles, but which rarely made it into production in Colorado. We wish to be the vehicle which brings many of these fabulous works to life for a community hungry for current, culturally and socially relevant theatre.

  • Expose our community to the diversity of contemporary Drama by producing newer, more recent work with actors of diverse cultural backgrounds.( Offering a flexible performance space which (When Theatre O is not in production) may be rented by local performance groups seeking an affordable, intimate, yet professional performance venue.

  •  Provide tools for individuals unfamiliar with the genre of theatre with the hope of enabling them to better understand the art form and how it can inform their lives. This would take the form of talk backs, preview performances, and workshops in theatre appreciation.

  • Cultivating interest in important contemporary issues through provocative and contemplative theatre.

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